Our creative minds are rooted in marketing prowess. Over the years, we’ve come to understand that brands can only grow through one thing – impactful insights. Our proprietary tools and specialized training (across various creativity models) mean we CAN and WILL get more from your consumers. In other words, more results for your brand.


We dig deep beneath the surface to understand what makes consumers tick – so you can rise to the top of your industry. Generic market research, which relies on consumers’ conscious reactions, is not enough. Humans are emotional creatures. We need to know what’s brewing beneath the surface, gathering deep-seated answers from unconscious processes – that’s where the new dawn exists. That’s where your brand will reach the next breakthrough insight.


Look beyond the data and numbers. Get more out of insights through Creative Problem-Solving (CPS) and a results-driven mindset. Discover breakthrough strategies your competitors don’t want you to know. Work smarter, not harder. Switch your insights on. Think differently. Achieve more. Our unparalleled “dig deep” approach and award-winning leadership have already changed the course of history for countless Top 500 brands. Our journey is nearly 20 years in, and we’re just getting started.


Marta Villanueva

NuThinking was founded by Marta Villanueva, a bilingual and bicultural expert committed to award-winning service time and time again. Marta’s tireless professionalism, creativity and friendliness saw her receiving the 2015 Qualitative Research Consultants Maryanne Pflug Spirit Award.

Marta fuses friendliness with expertise. Professionalism with an open mind. Passion with levelheadedness. As one of the only market research veterans with a Master’s in Creative studies, and trusted partners all over the world, there’s a reason we deliver a new way of thinking. Ask any of our clients, and they’ll tell you why.