Face-to-face consumer connections. Thought-sharing. Unearthing deep-seated feelings and desires. Using experience to make a change. That’s the NuThinking way.


We speak human with strong expertise targeting Latinos. That’s why we leverage our lifelong personal and professional experiences (across most major industries and the complex Latino segment dimension) to uncover cultural nuisances while daring to tackle sensitive subject matter.


Your audience is online. Obtain and maintain their attention through groundbreaking tools. Explore stories. Inject context into brands. 

Get answers. 

Eliminate questions.


  • Individual Interviews

  • Group Discussions

  • Immersions

  • Shop-Alongs

  • Ethnography

  • Telephonic Interviews


  • Bulletin Boards

  • Video Diaries

  • Mobile Ethnography

  • Community Engagement

  • Online Discussions (Individual/Groups)

  • Chat Groups

  • Webcam focus groups

  • User Experience

Mixed method

  • A mixed-method study combines 1+ methods for unimaginable learning-breadth (and depth). Some combinations include digital (mobile diaries, bulletin boards, communities, etc.) with in-person (groups, IDIs, shop-a-longs, etc.).

creative thinking-based insights methodology

Meaningful insights are the only way to impact consumer behavior and outline winning, unbeatable strategies. It all begins by defining solid objectives, preparing the study for maximum depth, and finally, presenting impactful insights that turn action into results. 

Creative thinking plays an invaluable role throughout every step of the process. 

innovation and strategy

We coach teams to examine challenges in a new light. 

Shape multiple solutions for strategic structural evolution. 

Enhance processes. Revise products. Innovate. Create. Motivate. 

We understand that many of our clients need to do this quickly. That’s why we stay agile. NuThinking is ready to take you there.


Your pipeline craves new ideas grounded in empathy and insights which inspire action. Feed it what it wants through our tailored workshops. We’ll show your team how to think outside the box to shape daring ideas that work.


Refine pre-existing solutions through expert insight application. With trained facilitators and proven tools to guide your team through the creative process, you can turn good ideas into great ideas into phenomenal concepts with purpose.


Rise above mere “data” by bridging the gap between consumers and your brand. Your team already has what it takes to get more out of insights. We’re here to give them the key.

focal points

  • Target Exploratory

  • Cultural Strategy

  • Brand Personification

  • Product Usage

  • Shopper Journey

  • Competitive Landscape

  • Emotional Drivers

  • Brand Equity and Positioning

  • Insight Mining and Development

  • New Project Development

  • Communication Touchpoints (From Concept to Outcome)

  • Trend Identification